Five Famous Leisure Travel Destinations That Can Be Your Next Home


With the advances in travel technologies, the world is indeed becoming smaller and the places one can visit for amazing new experiences and knowledge of cultures is increasing. Regardless of whether you want to stick closer to home, or visit that one bucket-list destination, the choices are endless and shortlisting five famous leisure travel destinations is a daunting task indeed.                              

Five Famous Leisure Travel Destinations Which Made My List

St Barthelemy Luxury Island

  1. St. Barts

    St Barthelemy also called St. Barts is a Caribbean island under the French control. A dream vacation location for those wanting to escape the harsh winters of North America or Europe or just about anyone wishing to bask under the golden sun in style. Its pristine beaches are most inviting and if nude sunbathing is in the cards for you then the secluded Colombier Beach is the place to be. Other attractions include luxury yachts, celebrities, designer boutiques and fine dining. The Wall House showcases the Swedish colonial era of the island while the 17th Century Fort Karl provides scenic views of a well-known beach.

Mykonos Greece Luxury Travel

  1. Mykonos, Greece

    Islands of Greece is the tiniest of the Cyclades group of islands but it is by far the best known. Situated in the Aegean Sea and it plays host to a diverse variety of upscale crowds who enjoy the island’s continuous party atmosphere. The island offers fashionable nightlife, secluded and party beaches that offer jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and horseback riding. The island’s opulent history and natural beauty make it one of the must visit locationsThe Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Balboa
  1. The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA

    Rancho Santa Fe is a situated a few miles east of the Pacific Ocean and nicknamed “The Ranch” by the locals. It compromises of numerous, planned gated estates, among them The Bridges, with the aim of maintaining the rare landscape and character of the area by perpetuating the quality of all future architecture through restrictions on height, bulk and use of building.

    The Bridges is a 540 acre community made up of 235 luxurious homes, a private golf course, and a country club that is inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany. The Club offers best possible amenities and a membership to the most exclusive club in the area. For more information regarding this luxurious neighborhood contact K. Ann Brizolis one of the leading experts on Rancho Santa Fe luxury real estate.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Luxury Travel

  1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s coastal destination that combines natural beauty of palm blanketed mountains, beaches and activities to entertain the whole family. Wide selections of all-inclusive resorts offer everything from bull-fighting, to fantastic food and abundant water activities that the whole family can enjoy. There is never a dull moment in the beautiful pristine waters of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches.

Coral Gables Luxury Real Estate

  1. Bal Harbour, Fl

    Ba Harbour has everything one can imagine for , all rolled into a single destination. Las Olas Boulevard offers shopping, gondola rides and historic riverside views while Port Everglades allow you to enjoy beachfront promenade. You can visit the Stranahan House preserved from the 1900s and furnished with antiques of the time, or have a choice between visiting the beach or relaxing in a luxury hotel. For a luxurious shopping spree, head over to the Bal Harbour Shops. Home to chic atelier shops like Chanel to Alexander McQueen, there will be a shop for your own unique style.


Each one of the five famous leisure travel destinations has something unique to offer its visitor.

Most Intriguing Spots in the Pyrenees

Extending form the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees is a 270 mile (430 km) long mountain range, forming a natural partition between Spain and France. The range has played an integral part in the history of both countries and is the venue for some of the most intriguing spots in the Pyrenees.

Historical Background of the Pyrenees


The history of the area started with a myth. According to classical mythology, Pyrene, the virginal daughter of the King of Mediterranean Gaul (Bebryx), was violated by the drunken Hercules during his travels to Geryon. Fearing her father and after giving birth to a serpent, Pyrene runs away into the woods, where she is killed by wild animals as she is tells her stories to the trees. Upon his return trip, the sober Hercules encounters Pyrene’s mutilated remains. The grief stricken and remorseful Hercules cries continuously making the sorrowful sound “Pyrene” and demanding that the mountains mourn and preserve the name of the Princess. Hence, the riged mountains came to be known as Pyrenees.

Four of the Most Intriguing Spots in the Pyrenees


The Pyrenees mountain range is littered with countless tiny enchanting villages, each with its own culture, architecture and character. Each village offers stunning scenery, medieval churches and castles, and narrowing cobblestoned paths lined in geranium filled balconies. Some of the most intriguing spots in the Pyrenees that are not to be missed include:

  1. Jaca, an ancient fort and the capital of Aragon’s kingdom. It houses a very eye catching Old Town and the 16th century citadel. Just a few hours away and to the west of Jaca are the villages of Valles de Echo and Anso. With a population of no more than 600, they are the gateway to the Park Natural Valles Occidentale.


  1. Those with a love for the Roman Empire will find Tarragonés to be captivating. Originally known as Tarraco and one of the most important Roman cities, still has many remains of the era. Among them the Roman Circus, an amphitheater, and a portion of the ancient aqueduct.


  1. Bages is one of the better well-known places in Catalonia. The village houses a monastery museum with unique paintings, a statue of the black Virgin Mary, alluring walking trails and rock formations.


  1. Lourdes is a vital Catholic pilgrimage site where a shepherd girl by the name of Bernadette had visions of the Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church has documented and validated 67 miracles here. Bernadette received her visions at the Grotto and is the most holy location, while the Byzantine church Basilique du Rosaire is another important place of worship.


  1. Approximately 30 km form Lourdes is the spa town of Pont Napoléon. The town houses a church constructed by the Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem in addition to a small museum.


  1. The ancient town of Foix hovers over a formidable peak with an imposing castle and its three remaining towers. Once the capital of the historical County of Foix, the town attracts tourists for its 12th -15th century churches, half-timbered houses and the nearby prehistoric caves housing rock drawings.

The few towns noted here do not even begin to scratch the surface of the multitudes of the most intriguing spots in the Pyrenees. Visitors can select towns to visit based on personal choices such as skiing, cycling, health or religious.