Here, at Route Pyrenees, we will explore travel, adventure, fun leisure activities, and real estate along the Pyrenean Haute Route and all over the world. After all, wouldn’t you want to own a house in a beautiful region of the world?!

As travel enthusiasts, we are very intrigued by this majestic trail, but being the curious type, we also want to explore every corner of the world. Thus this blog arose! It’s a fun way to let our adventurous side feel a bit free while working from our office, and adding adventures to our “to do bucket list.”

A Little Bit of History

Route Pyrenees, or otherwise known as The Pyrenean Haute Route, is a famous route that crosses over the Pyrenees Mountains. For many centuries this lovely scenic route has been traveled by millions of people. From being a safety heaven, to a leisure voyage route, the Pyrenees Mountain range have been host to many historic events.